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Riding Around The World 2005
July, 2005
Shortly after I started riding motorcycles as a young man in the late 1960's I began to dream of riding around the world. I found the idea of pointing a motorcycle either East or West and continuing in that direction until arriving back home to be fascinating and intriguing, and it has remained so until this day.

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Various reasons, such as lack of money, career, and family, prevented me from realizing this dream over the past thirty-seven or so years. However, now being a middle-aged man in retirement the time has finally come for me to fulfill this long held dream.

This will be a solo, unsupported and unsponsored ride around the world, with the projected route being shown on the accompanying map of the globe. I'm calling this ride "around the world made as simple as possible" as only one country (Russia) requires a visa, none requires a carnet de passage, and borders between the European Union countries are open and can be freely crossed. The route is paved (although some of the pavement in Russia is reported as being in very poor condition) except for about 1200 miles in the Amur region of Siberia, where the Trans-Siberian Highway is still under construction. However, no 13,000 mile (approximately) ride around the world is truly simple, and I know this one won't be either. Of this distance, about half of the road miles will be in Russia, an enormous country I am so looking forward to seeing, the largest in the world.

For a motorcycle I've chosen a 2004 Kawasaki KLR 650 because I already own one and know the bike well, it's simple and easy to repair, and reliable. I've done many modifications to make the bike as well suited for adventure travel and as break-down resistant as possible. These modifications are detailed in the Motorcycle page of this website.

The first leg of the trip began June 25 when I left for Seattle, delivering the bike on June 27 for ocean shipment to Vladivostok, Russia. See the journal page for details.

On August 6, 2005 I shall board an airplane in Twin Falls, Idaho and fly to Vladivostok, with stops along the way at Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Incheon, South Korea, arriving August 8. After many years of dreaming, and about one year of preparation, the fulfilment of my long held dream begins.

I shall attempt to add journal updates and pictures to this website as the trip progresses, but I'm uncertain how successful I will be at accessing the internet during my travels so this may have to wait until my return.