Motorcycle History, Modifications, & Additions

I purchased this KLR650 in the spring of 2004 and have gradually added upgrades and modifications aimed at making the bike more functional, reliable, and less prone to crash damage. Perhaps I went a bit overboard in this process, but I enjoy improving a bike in this way, and wanted to make it as ideally suited for adventure travel as possible. Also, a purchase price of only $4625 financially allows more investment in the bike than would be the case with a more expensive motorcycle.

A word about the IMS fuel tank. At the time of purchase these were only available in olive green - thus the color clash. When first filled the tank took 7 1/2 gallons, and even though this isn't all usable it still provides a significant increase in fuel capacity over the stock tank, which is usually found to have a usable capacity of about 5 1/2 gallons. Also, the IMS tank provides crash protection for the radiator, fan, coolant reservoir, etc. Thus, it's a matter of function over appearance; sure is ugly though!

A list of the modifications, with the suppliers or manufacturers, is below.

Happy Trails:
Panniers (their largest; black powder coated)
Fork brace
Folding shift lever
Rear master cylinder guard
Front brake upgrade kit (larger rotor, steel line, pads)
Balancer chain tensioner upgrade (aka the doohickey)
Pro Taper SE handlebar
Windscreen (11 inch)
MSR Fork boots
IMS foot pegs
Scott Oiler
Electrical socket
Rim locks

Dual Star:
Subframe bolt upgrade kit
Motor mount bolt upgrade kit
Fuji-Lock axle and chain adjustor nuts
Low vibration mirrors
Low profile magnetic oil drain plug
Rear brake lever billet mount
LED tail/brake light
Billet oil filler cap
1 inch lowering links
Big Foot sidestand plate
Lowered sidestand

Big Cee:
Headlight guard
Shark fin rear disk guard
Footpeg bolt upgrade kit
Brake caliper bolt upgrade kit
Petcock conversion kit
Emergency thermostat bypass kit

Arrowhead Motorsports:
Carb t-vent kit
Float bowl bolt kit

Totally Wired Cycles:
High output headight harness
Fan relay bypass kit
Battery monitor
Starter (sidestand, clutch) lockout kit
ATO fan fuse kit
ATO main fuse kit

Mr. Ed's Moto seat
Nady alarm system
IMS large fuel tank
Handguards (MSR spines, Maier plastic, Wacker mounting hardware)
Sidewinder Ti-Moly chain
JCW topbox
Progressive fork springs and 1" shorter shock
Rear shock protective flap
Throttle rocker
100/55 watt headlight bulb
Avon Gripster tires
Relocated (higher) license plate

Toolkit, minus 8 inch Craftsman adjustable wrench