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Photos - Russia

8/9/05.Vladivostok Harbor From My Hotel Room
8/9/05. Vladivostok train depot. This is the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest rail line in the world.
8/9/05. Another view of the train depot.
8/9/05. Statue of Lenin overlooking the harbor and pointing west. Considering the coating of bird droppings, it would seem Lenin isn't held in the same esteem he once was.
8/9/05. The Nostalgia "restaran" (pectopah in Cyrillic), near my hotel. A pectopah is a higher level eating establishment in Russia and the elegant environment shown is typical.
8/13/05. My tent and bike at the Facing the Ocean 2005 Far Eastern International Moto Travelers meeting, Nahodka, Russian Far East.

8/21/05. Motel in Ulan Ude

8/22/05. Listvyanka waterfront, Lake Baikal

8/22/05. Lake Baikal

9/3/05 Soviet era apartment building, new houses